Saturday, March 7, 2009

Coach Outlet & CCO Haul

Coach Shoulder Sack Reg. $158.00 sale for $62.00

Coach Long Wallet Reg. $238.00 sale for $83.00
Coach Small Wallet Reg. $178.00 sale for $60.00
MAC Adoring Carmine Eye Brush Set $37.50
The hubby and I decided to take advantage of the great weather and made a trip to the Vacaville outlets. While he was shopping at J. Crew for more work clothes. I went over to Coach and I noticed there was a line up at the door, I asked one of the ladies in line what was going on and she told me they were having a huge sale and that items were 50% off discounted outlet prices. At first I told myself I'm just going to look and that I had a bunch of Coach purses collecting dust in my closet (Yes, I'm a desginer purse addict too) and that I didn't need another one.

I stepped into the store and saw these cute multi colored signature wallets and matching shoulder sack and gave in! :P These were so cute and such a great deal! I swear I wasn't the only one stocking up! People keep saying recession this and recession that...but let me tell you, you wouldn't think our economy was in trouble if you saw how many ladies had their arms full with Coach items. I looked like the most conservative person there with only 3 items! LOL

I couldn't go to the Vacaville outlets without visiting the CCO. They pretty much had the same stuff from before but this time I decided to pick up MAC's Adoring Carmine Eye brush set. I wanted to get a travel 209 brush so this was perfect. The quality of course isn't the same as the full sized versions but it will work in a pinch. Overall it was a great day hubby and I spent the day together, enjoyed the sun, and found some great deals!

Hope you all had a great weekend! ^_^

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