Sunday, July 5, 2009

MAC Colour Craft Haul

Hubby got back from his trip today and he decided to take me shopping. I was able to snag the Colour Craft collection early (this is to be released on July 9) so I decided to post up some pics. I pretty much got all the MSF's, eyeshadows, and blushes. I had to pick up the brushes since I absolutely loved the 226 from the BBR collection and the 131 looked intriguing! I will be posting up swatches soon (I got the hubby to volunteer his arm) My impressions of this collection are good! I love the blushes the veining is so pretty! The blushes do have fine shimmer to them which I really like since it gives you a dewy look. As for the eyeshadows the colors are great but you will need a base. I find it nice because you basically get 4 colors in one pot, the 2 main colors and the highlights which compliment each other perfectly. The MSF's are pretty as well. Three of them remind me of the MSF from the BBR collection with the striped look unfortnately I was unable to get the gld veining on my pink MSF but needless to say it goes on very natural and looks great. I hope you are all able to check out this collection soon!

MAC Naked Honey Haul

I tried to stay away but I couldn't resist this collection. The highlight powders were so pretty! It's too bad that the shimmer comes off :( but I still really like the colors. I ended up buying the salve for my hubby since he has dry skin and so far he likes it! The salve has a honey type scent to it so it isn't too overwhelming. Did you pick up anything from this collection?