Monday, May 25, 2009

My Makeup Storage

My subbies ask me all the time how do I store my makeup. So here it is! I have to admit it is a work in progress. I used to keep them in my traincases but as my collection has gotten larger so now I use storage containers with drawers from Target and Walmart. I have seen better storage methods on youtube from people who use lipstick holders, and cabinets etc so it is something I will be looking into soon.

I have gotten rid of quite a bit of makeup I have tested different brands and have been allergic to almost all of them. The few that don't bother my skin are MAC, Chanel, Urban Decay (Shadows I'm okay with..the lippes not so good) and Everyday Minerals (Has to be applied dry and not using fix+ with it or I break out). I am thinking of doing a collection video just as soon as I find time as I will have to break it down into 2 parts. How do you store your makeup? I'm always looking for new ideas! ^_^

Saturday, May 23, 2009

MAC Style Warrior Haul & Swatches

Well I tried to go without hauling and well I failed miserably!! I knew this Style Warrior Collection was coming out and I had to admit I love the animal print so I decided I had to get it! I especially love the bronzers..I remember using Refined Golden for my wedding makeup and it looked so pretty and natural. Another favorite of mine is the Pink Rebel lustre drops it looks great on the cheeks or even in foundation to give you a nice dewy finish. The solar bits are so pretty the pigmentation on them are amazing! I just used a little on my eyes and it came out so vivid. Hope you had a chance to pick up a few things from the collection. ^_^