Saturday, February 14, 2009

My Valentine's Day Surprise

(MAC Fix +, MAC Wipes 100pack, Mac Prep + Prime Face Protect with SPF 50)

(Fluster rose, Cute-Ster, She Loves Candy, Fast Friends, Strayin', Morning Glory)

(She Loves Candy, Fast Friends, Cute-Ster, Strayin', Fluster Rose, Morning Glory)

(Top to Bottom: Fashion Scoop, Creme Anglaise, Looks Like Sin, Boy Bait)

(Top to Bottom: Fashion Scoop, Creme Anglaise, Looks Like Sin, Boy Bait)

Last night my after finishing my MAC HK Haul video I realized I was missing something. I noticed a few girls from YT had these cute HK bags with their orders. Now you all know how I am all about MAC so I have to admit I was really bummed about not getting it especially since I had preordered my stuff and usually the girls are really good about including things like that with my order. I called the MAC store's manager and she told me her location as well as other SF bay area stores didn't get them and wouldn't be getting them. In my head I'm like no offense but that's a bunch of BS especially since I know of some fellow YouTubers living in the bay area who got these bags.

Needless to say I decided to call up another MAC store I'm a regular at and they told me they would hook me up. I was so impressed on how they handled things I decided to bring my mom with me since I knew she wanted to get a bunch of items. (My mom is just as MAC crazy as me, she was the one who got me into MAC in the first place) I went to my usual MAC mua and my mom ordered like over $200 worth of products. (Just goes to show you that if you treat your customers right you will get more business/incentives)

My hubby then asks me what I want for V-day I told him I just got the HK stuff and I'm happy with my purchases. He then tells the MAC mua to please get me what I whatever I want. So me and the mua gawk at him for a second then she tells me "Girl you're so lucky your hubby spoils you" so I then go off with the mua to pick out some stuff. Meanwhile I didn't realize my hubby took off. Once we were ready to checkout he popped back into the store and bought me my items I noticed he was holding a couple of boxes. As we left the store I opened the boxes and inside were 2 Hello Kitty dolls he made from Build a Bear. I was so touched! he knows how much I love Hello Kitty (I've been obsessed with Sanrio since I was 9) When I asked him if he was embarrassed to do that, he told me he wasn't the only guy doing that but that there was a bunch of guys making plush dolls for their wives and girlfriends so he felt more at ease. He is so sweet and I really appreciate him taking the time and effort to do all of this for me. I'm truly a lucky girl!

I just want to say thank you to my wonderful husband for my beautiful or no gift you mean the world to me and I love you so much. Happy Valentine's day baby!

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