Sunday, January 25, 2009

MAC Paint Pot Collection

(left to right: Nice Vice, Moss Scape, Soft Ochre, Rollickin', Layin Low, Painterly, Rubenesque, Indianwood, Perky, Constructivist, Fresco Rose, Quite Natural, Artifact, Greenstroke, Blackground, Delft, Bare Study)

(Left to Right: Rollickin', Blackground, Indianwood, Rubenesque, Painterly, Artifact, Delft, Bare Study, Electro Sky)

(Left to Right: Moss scape, Fresco Rose, Layin Low, Quite Natural, Perky, Soft Ochre, Greenstroke, Constructivist, Nice Vice)

I was asked to show my collection of MAC paint pots and thought I would put it up on my blog. I picked up 6 more today (Delft, Moss Scape, Fresco Rose, Rubenesque, Constructivist, and Indianwood) as I wanted to expand my collection, I have to admit these are so much better than the MAC paints because you can control the amount you use plus you don't waste your product unlike the tubes of paint a small squeeze and you waste so much. I wish I was able to get the 2 that came with the Alexander McQueen Collection and Fafi's Girl Friendly. I can't wait to try out my new ones. Stay tuned! ^_^


  1. are the macs collection good?like does it really stay put for the whole day, coz im goin to a dress up party, and i need to dressup as the chick of ergo proxy *i dont know if you know about that anime* (u can google it:P) , but yeah the girl has like cobalt blue eyeshadow...and im trying to find something that wont rub off during the night. is MAc collection alot like the mous-eyehadows by revlon or something?, oh and would you recommend it for the occasion??

  2. I'm in love with your collection :d I have 1 paintpot haha